Questions to Ask During Treatment

It is very important that you ask questions during your treatment. Take someone with you to write answers down and help you keep track of the things that you are hearing from your physician. If you forget something, it is ok to ask a question again. The important thing is that you understand what is happening and what you will be going through during the course of your treatment. The following are questions to ask during your treatment.

  • Can I drive myself to and from the treatment facility? Where should I park?
  • What side effects may occur from the radiation treatment and how are they managed?
  • Do I need a special diet during or after my treatment?
  • Will I be able to continue my normal activities?
  • Can I smoke or drink alcohol?
  • Is it safe to take vitamins or other supplements during treatment?
  • How can I expect to feel during treatment and in the weeks following radiation therapy?

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